Homes Built with Love

At Bayit Lepleitot, we strive to create a sanctuary for our girls. We provide housing facilities from the age of infancy until the time of marriage. Our spacious, inviting dormitories provide the girls with a feeling of belonging and a sense of security, and present wonderful opportunities for lifelong friendships. The walls are bright and cheery. The beds have clean, fresh linen. And the faces? All smiles.

A home offers a person a place to live, but it also provides a place to be: Whoever you are, you will be accepted. Whatever you do, you know you are loved. And what you can accomplish? In the eyes of your family, is boundless and unlimited.

Bayit Lepleitot instills in every girl a feeling of confidence, acceptance and faith- we recognize their pain, love them as they are, and give them the strength to move on, believing in their unfailing ability to conquer the world. After all, they are our children. And this is their home.