The History of Bayit Lepleitot

Bayit Lepleitot, under the auspices of Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Stern and Rabbi Moshe Yonah Rosenfeld, provides young girls with all the elements of a family: food, clothing, schooling, and most importantly, love. Some of these homeless girls are orphans or the products of broken homes and poverty stricken families. Many of these young children are the tragic results of terrorist activities, having lost parents to death or debilitating medical conditions.

In 1945, Jews from all over Europe streamed to their homeland, Eretz Yisroel, desperate to start afresh and rebuild their lives. The tragic Holocaust left thousands of orphans wandering the streets of Jerusalem, with no family and no home. Young girls were truly at a loss– boys could find shelter and friendship in the hallowed halls of Yeshivos and Synagogues, but the girls had nowhere to turn.

Bayit Lepleitot began by housing 24 girls in the home of Rabbi Rosenfeld’s father, Rabbi Naftali Rosenfeld, a respected Munkatcher Talmid and Holocaust survivor. These lost souls finally had a home. As the number of girls increased, Bayit Lepleitot relocated to a nearby basement, until it finally settled in its present, expansive location that serves the hundreds of grateful occupants.

Today, Bayit Lepleitot cares for over 600 girls, ranging from infants to mature young adults. Bayit Lepleitot continues to build on its unique origins, fulfilling both physical and emotional necessities, as more and more girls are lovingly welcomed into the remarkable Bayit Lepleitot family.