Caring, devoted and self-sacrificing. We're their parents!

Our caring staff members work tirelessly to ensure that each girl is treated with meticulous individual attention, ensuring that her unique needs are met. Many girls require special forms of therapy or different methods of education to overcome their damaging past and go on to progress, excel, and thrive. In our nurturing environment, each girl flourishes, basking under the warmth of our love. There’s no greater reward, no more arresting, beautiful sight than smiles shining from precious faces, intensely lit up with an inner glow, a radiance that will never fade away.


Rabbi Naftuli Rosenfeld zt’l
  Rabbi Shlomo Poppenheim
  Rabbi Shmiel Yitzchok
Stern zt’l

Rabbi Moshe Yona Rosenfeld
  Rabbi Gavriel Popnheim
  Rabbi Avrohom Shaya Stern