Helping others; helping yourself; helping our future.

Bayit Lepleitot houses and cares for hundreds of orphaned and deprived children. The children enter our Home from the tender age of three and remain until they are married or are able to lead independent lives of their own. Here in our Home these children receive the loving care they so urgently require after their various tragic experiences.

Many of our children come from homes where they were abused; or where a mother or father is emotionally disturbed; or where parents are physically incapacitated. One such child, the four-year-old daughter of new Russian immigrants, had been locked in an apartment without food for up to fourteen hours while her parents were out trying to make a living. In another case, a three-year-old child came to us so neglected that to this day she still suffers from the after-effects of malnutrition.

For over fifty years we have been taking in such girls and raising them to womanhood in the stable and loving atmosphere of our home.

Which leads us to The Bayit Lepleitot Foster Parent Sponsorship Program. This program was introduced when we realized that - although the children were thriving under our love and guidance - they would gain much more self-confidence by having their own special family. So many of these precious children have never known the security of a close knit family or the love of parents. Why not offer them the recognition they so desperately need by agreeing to be their new "parent" through the program? Wouldn’t it be a most rewarding experience to know that you are the special family who will give a child something that she has never known before: the feeling of being loved and wanted?

It will strengthen your child to know that there are those who care about her in a meaningful and personal way - that she is more than just one among many. This very close relationship is developed through correspondence (for which we provide translation), possibly a small gift from you on her birthday or on holidays, and even visits with the child when you are in Israel.

There is a yearly sponsorship fee, which helps toward the upkeep of your child, including education, food and clothing. When joining the program you will receive a picture of your own foster child and a summary of her background; correspondence with her can begin as soon as you like.

Please, won’t you consider becoming one of the many “parents” who have the pleasure of showing family, friends and associates a picture or a letter from their foster “daughter” in Israel? Won’t you help us to build a better future for all of our girls? Just click here to become an esteemed member of The Bayit Lepleitot Foster Parent Sponsorship Program. Welcome to the family.