Bayit Lepleitot

Housing Orphans. Deluging them with love. Granting them a future.

You have the power to do the same. You can add a precious member to your family. You'll watch her grow, and grow along. Her tears of happiness will merge with yours.Your life and here forever intertwined.

At Bayit Lepleitot, we focus on giving our girls all the building blocks they need to create their very own home. Our goal is to ensure that each and every one of our girls, in spite of their tragic, painful past, has a bright, happy, and fulfilling future. We provide them with an education, home management skills, summer camps, assistance with shidduchim, and arrange all aspects of the actual wedding and the setup of the apartment.


Prominent Rabbanim world-wide have provided resounding endorsements for the support of Bayit Lepleitot.

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