Wedding Celebrations

An orphan never feels more bereft than when walking down the aisle, unaccompanied by her parents. At Bayit Lepleitot, we never want our girls to feel that sense of abandonment and loneliness. We are by their side, matching them step for step throughout the entire wedding celebration.

Wedding Preparation

We make all the necessary arrangements for the invitations, hall, caterer, flowers, photographer, and orchestra.

Bridal Trousseau

We assist in all areas of the bride’s preparations, including renting a bridal gown and arranging the hairstyling and makeup application, as well as purchasing Sheva Brachos outfits and sheitels. From head to toe, our girls transform into regal, stately brides.


We provide our help and guidance in securing an apartment, obtaining furnishing, and all the other aspects involved in setting up a new home, preparing our girls’ future home with loving care.